Asano-mokkou-sho co ltd is the tool factory for gardening 、Snow removal 、Road construction and Leisure in JAPAN .

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2-12-23Minamiyokkamachi Sanjo Niigata JAPAN

Smash hit!! Nukisashi-Ninjya brakes through 60000 of sales!!


◎Easily insert garden stakes of any length,
including very long ones without hammering.
◎Easily remove garden stakes from
compacted soil.

Please wach Nukidsdhi-Ninja at youtube
We make another lines for making Nukisashi-ninjya.
We are looking forward to your order.

Our goal is to make the products our customer's want.
Located in Tsubame-Sanjo, an area famous for its metal work, our producs are
produced by craftsmen en skilled in working with metal, wood and plastic.
Our principle products lines are designed for gardening agriculture, snow removal and
road construction. We can also create additional products utilising network of
partners in the Tsubame-Sanjo area.



ASANO Mokkou-sho co,.LTD浅野木工所

2-11-23 Minamiyokkamachi Sanjo
Niigata JAPAN
TEL +81 256 32 1800
FAX+81 256 33 3655