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Comb Head Standing Hoe and Sickle - 240 mm (hand wrought steel)

Comb Head Standing Hoe and Sickle - 240 mm (hand wrought steel)

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Item #: 09085

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For use in the cutting and gathering of weeds and grasses.  The blades are made individually by craftsman to ensure the sharpest cutting edge.  The surface has been finely finished to help it shed soil.

item nameContents(240mm)Contents(210mm)Contents(195mm)
No. 09085 09080 09075
Head size 240mm 210mm 195mm
Head material Steel
Handle length 1200mm
Handle thickness 30Φ
Handle material Imported wood
Weight 800g 750g 700g
Using Stance Standing
Target of grass Soft grass / Hard grass
Ability Cutting weeds / Weeding / Long lasting

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