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  • ASANO Flat ring stakes (100pcs)
  • ASANO Flat ring stakes (100pcs)
  • ASANO Flat ring stakes (100pcs)

ASANO Flat ring stakes (100pcs)

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Item #: 65040

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When putting weed barrier fabric on the ground, thin steel wires, ae usually used for fixing. Our new ring stakes are unique shapes. Since the upper part has circular design, it has wider face than conventional stakes, making them easier to hit drive in, and to holds the fabric better. Since it is circular, the driving force is applied uniformly in all directions , and it can be affixed more firmly than conventional stakes. The material is a steel wire and the stakes are resistant of sun light. They are much more durable, which is a good much match for weed fabric.


・The circular head is evenly pressed when driven, so the seat can be firmly fixed!
・Because the feet are in opposite positions, they can be firmly driven and hard to pull out, and the sharp tip is good for piercing!
・Because the wires do not overlap, it is more compact and it avoiding sliping! In addition, since the ground contact area increases, it is firmly fastened and harder to pull out!

Product number 65040
Size φ35×150mm
Material Steel

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