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  11. narrow blade hoe 210mm×900mm

narrow blade hoe 210mm×900mm

narrow blade hoe 210mm×900mm

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This hoe is good for compacted mountain soil  and good for harvesting for bamboo shoots and roots cut.

Why don't you think you need sharp blade when you do home BAMBOO SHOOTS?

Because sharp blade products can dig ground very easily.

It is very sumooth action and you have few times for harvesting.

If you do without sharp blade you have to do many times and get tired.

Our sharp blade products can reduce your tiredness!!

This products's making style is hand wrought out

The black smith strengthened the part that will be get shock from the work action.

This blade made  with uniqe heat tretment skill and material, so it can keep sharpness long time and easy maintenance .

So you can keep good condition and  reduce maitenance time .

Use Posture Standing
Type of grass Bamboo shoots
Blade for Harvesting digging
 Blade Material Steel
Product issue JAPAN   TUBAME SANJO
Production method      Forgings: It is durable because it is strengthened where load is applied during work.

Workability is good because it adjusts the thickness of each part and it is easy to work.

Weight 1900g
Handle thickness
Handle material Evergreen oak
Caution *Please note that the blade may hit stone etc during the weeding work and it may be damaged.*If the handle is loosen, please use it after correcting .*Do not use for other than the task in tended. *Keep out of reach of children.
Maintenance  Please mainenance with a grinding wheel.

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