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Spade Hoe (stainless steel)

Spade Hoe (stainless steel)

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Combination spade and hoe.  Light and durable.  The spade shape makes it good for penetrating soil.  This spade has ribs to keep the blade thin, light, and strong.  Its design is convenient for fertilizing and cultivating, and is useful for digging holes for planting.  Additionally, it is suitable for harvesting taro and potatoes, and for rooting after harvesting corn.

item nameContents
Using Stance Standing
Ability ・Digging・Gathering soil
・Leveled soil・Plow
・Trencher・Ridge making
・Hole making
material Stainless steel
Production method Pressing
item nameContents
Weight 1000g
Head size 175×230mm
Head material Stainless steel
Handle length 1100mm
handle material Imported wood

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