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Happy butterfly pink handle

Happy butterfly pink handle

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The cutest hoe you've ever seen!  A perfect match of fashion and function!  It isn't only about design, it's also a fully-featured tool.  The RIO ♡ LUCA series of garden tools has been designed by women for women.
This combination sickle & hoe has a compact head with lovely heart and butterfly shapes punched in the head.  The holes make the tool lighter, and help the blade to dry quickly.  This helps to maintain the condition of the tool and extend its longevity when you rinse it with water after use.
Its design is very light, weighing only 850 grams, whereas a conventional hoe weighs 1.4 kg.
It has cutting edges on both sides and along the bottom, so it can weed and dig like either a sickle or a hoe.
The comers of the blade are rounded.  This makes it less likely to catch on other gardening materials, such as mulching sheets.

Additionally, it can be used to make ridges in the soil.

Using Stance Standing
Target of grass Soft grass/Hard grass
Use/Ability ・Cutting weeds/Weeding/Pulling weed
・Digging/Gathering soil/Leveled soil/
・Ridge making/Hole making
Material Stainless steel
Production method Pressing
Weight 850g
Head size 180×80×104mm
Head material Stainless steel
Handle length 1100mm
Handle material Imported wood

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