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Crane-Neck Hand Hoe (hand-wrought steel) - 120 mm

Crane-Neck Hand Hoe (hand-wrought steel) - 120 mm

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Because it is a comb-type head, it is possible to cut the grass relatively widely and quickly. It is a forged product finished by hand, so it is strengthened in the place where the load is applied, so it is excellent in durability, and the thickness of other parts is adjusted so that it is easy to cut. The handle is made with magnolia which suits the hand. It is suitable for cutting short grass from the roots and for taking weeds that grow narrow.

Using stance Sitting
Target of grass

Soft grass・Low-height grass


Cutting weeds , Weeding

Material steel
Country of origin

Tsubame sanjo, Japan

Production method Forged products: Hammered with a hammer according to the strength, durability, and function. The parts to be thickened are parts that are thickened and parts to be thinned are parts that are easy to use.


weight 240g

thickness of handle


material of handle

If you hit a stone etc. during weeding work, the blade may be chipped. If there is a rattling, please use it after correcting the rattling. Please do not use it for any purpose. Keep out of reach of children.
maintenance It can be used by grinding with a grindstone

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