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Mowing Sickle (hand-wrought steel) - 210 mm

Mowing Sickle (hand-wrought steel) - 210 mm

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The blade is wide and thin, so it is recommended for those who value the sharpness. Suitable for weeding soft grass with tall height. The material of the handle is magnolia, and it is easy to get familiar with the hand. I use an oval-shaped easy-to-grip pattern. Since it is a forged product, it strengthens the place where addition takes place, so it is excellent in durability, so the thickness of other parts is adjusted to be easy to cut, so it is very easy to use.

Size: head 210mm Handle: Oval 450mm

Using stance Sitting
Target of grass Soft grass
Ability Cutting weeds, Weeding
Material steel
Country of origin Tsubame sanjo, Japan
Production method 抜打品:抜打品とは同じ厚みの板で作ったものです。


重量 280g
柄の材料 朴材
注意事項 除草作業中、石などにあたると刃が欠けるおそれがあります。 ガタ付ががある場合ガタ付を直してから使用して下さい。 用途以外に使用されないでください。 お子様の手の届かない所に保管して下さい。
メンテナンス 砥石で研いて使えます

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