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Premiun tiny gardening set -Les petites mains-

Premiun tiny gardening set -Les petites mains-

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Simple and Efficient, Fashionable and Ecological.


These are keys of our urban gardening series. 

We  are designing fashionable products  match to modern gardening  style , and  we think importance of environment when we  create new products.


We create   “LES PETITES MAINS”  for city veranda gardening  , we choose  “Snow Beech ” for handle material.” Snow beach was born from “Snow beech project” which  is an effort of  growing forests and  making the quality products , and revitalize the community at the same time.

Les Petites Mains “ was directed by Flower artist MS KEIKO YOSHINO. She is teaching Flower art and doing performance in JAPAN, Paris, London , Dublin and Singapore




This palm size blade scoop has optimal depth figure and angle for basic garden works created by gardeners our knowledge. Using 420J2  JAPANESE stainless steel  for blade, blacksmith can make sharpness  by heat treatment and technique. For handle, we use Snow Beech” .




This claw was born from Amazon USA user’s critics for our claw.

Usually claw’s purpose is gathering weeds, but user’s use it as cultivator for planter.

We add durability. Redesigned the point and changed  the angle good for cultivator with 70 years knowledge. We choose Niigata prefecture “Snow Beech” for handle material.

Snow beach” is a fine and soft tined wood which was born from “Snow beech project”. This project is an effort of growing forests and making the quality products, and revitalize the community at the same time. ”Les petites mains" claw is comfortable for people and environment.


Ikebana International Headquarters 2012-2016The first teacher of La maison de la culture du Japon a ParisParis OECD [ACRA] After working as an ikebana teacher, she went to London to hold seven ikebana exhibitions, collaborate with local calligraphers and potters, and engage in activities to spread ikebana. Invited by the Japanese government during the Japan Year in Dublin and Japan Week in Yemen, we will introduce ikebana to people who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture at demonstrations and workshops. Ikebana demonstration and Workshop will be held at Singapore Garden Festival, Nike Park session in Singapore. Now, after spending nearly 20 years living abroad, I am currently working with many people to enjoy the "flowery life" of enjoying the four seasons of Japan on a daily basis, and have them incorporated into my lifestyle.He is also active in flower classes at the Kudan Lifelong Learning Center, herb planting classes at AVEDA, ikebana sessions at the Maruni Woodworking Showroom, flower cultivation at Mujirushi camp <Sotodenani Sur>, cultural experience for international students at university.



The Oshirakawa Forestry Association, based in Niigata Prefecture’s Uonuma City, began actively using local resources in 2016. The activities are being led by Professor Kamitani, Doctor of Agriculture in Niigata University's Faculty of Agriculture, and are leading the way in the creation of high value-added products that make use of the snow beech tree, found exclusively in the snow-covered mountains of Niigata Prefecture in the snowy country, broadening its appeal and linking it to local revitalisation efforts. Long ago, these trees were used to produce charcoal for heat, but as charcoal was replaced by coal and oil, the forests were abandoned. When trees were thinned to protect the forest, none of the material was used. The purpose of the Snow beech project is to ensure these materials are being used more effectively to prevent the wasting of limited resources, and to show our gratitude for the blessings of nature. Snow beech trees from snowy Niigata Prefecture are characterized by their thick, straight trunks, fine-grained white wood, and low occurrence of false heartwood from growing while bearing heavy snow.


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