Enjoy!! Home garden

Build a field taught from two professionals

The Tsubamesanjo Niigata prefecture where the Asano Wood Workshop is located is a town famous for metal processing, but in fact the history of agriculture is also very deep town.

It is a fertile ground that received the grace of rivers such as the biggest river "Shinano river" in Japan, "Igarashi River" "Nakanokuchi river", many fruits and rice varieties are cultivated.

Mr. Tsuchida of "Harvest" who runs herbs · flower seed cultivation · gardening design etc from such farmland in such Tsubame Sanjo, cultivation such as rice and asparagus etc. In addition to Mr. Iizuka of "Iizuka Farm" who is cultivating Italian vegetables Along with learning the point of cultivation, we will continue delivering content for enjoying home garden.

Together with Mr. Tsuchida of "Harvest", Make a Potage Garden

"Harvest" in Tsubame-city, Niigata prefecture is a plantation that cultivates herbs and flower seeds, and designs and constructs gardening. We cultivate more than 200 kinds of herbs and flower seedlings, we propose the beauty that remains in the field, the richness to live with nature. For open gardens and events held regularly, many fans come to seek herbal seeding experience, fresh herbal tea and honey from the harvest. Together with Mr. Tsuchida of Harvest, why do not you try challenging "Potage Garden Making" together!

Let's cultivate Italian vegetables with Mr. Iizuka of Iizuka Farm

Mr. Iizuka of 'Iizuka Farm' located in the Sanjo-shi Honjyoji area cultivates "Italian vegetables" in Sanjo city as well as vegetables unique to Niigata such as rice, egg and soybean, from the chefs of various restaurants in the area It is an innovative young farmer who gets a high reputation. Vegetables cultivated while trial and error sticking to soil making is exquisite. Challenging Italian vegetable cultivation such as romaine lettuce / cima di rapa / polonyge / swiss chard / butter nut with pursuit of Italian vegetables and a passionate Mr. Iizuka that goes on a journey of agricultural training until Italy Let's look!