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Nukisashi Ninja - 20 mm

Nukisashi Ninja - 20 mm

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Smash hit!  Over 60,000 units have been sold!  Using the principal of leverage, the Nukisashi Ninja can insert and remove garden stakes from compacted soil with ease.  Traditionally, when we insert garden stakes, we begin pushing them in to the soil by hand and then drive the stakes in with a hammer.  Working by hand is exhausting, and hammering often damages the stakes.  Additionally, it can be difficult trying to insert longer garden stakes whose length exceeds our height.  Removing garden stakes is also problematic.  The soil compacted around the stakes during the growing months can cause the stakes can bend or break when they are removed.  This Nukisashi Ninja alleviates these problems.  It easily inserts and extracts garden stakes of any length, including very long ones.

item nameContents
full length 190mm
Weight 270g

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